Arthur Mining

With a successful multi-year track record, Arthur strives to be a top performing company.

What does it take to be the best?


World-class low-cost energy supply


Experienced team of engineers


Dilligent financial planners


Safe regulatory framework

Business Model Overview

Operation Highlights



World-class low-cost energy supply

Electricity represents up to 80% of direct production costs.

Having extremely low energy rates, Arthur is positioned in the first quartile of production costs


ESG compliant energy source

Using stranded and flare gas translates into a 95% reduction on CO2 emissions and up to 39% of COe


Immersion cooling

Completely removes air cooling vibrations and mitigates electrostatic damage caused by microdust particles – the two main issues impacting a miners lifespan

Increased efficiency by overclocking without compromising mines lifespan


U.S based operation

U.S. platform provides a safe, transparent and regulated environment

Independent and reliable power supply without risk of third party shutdown​


Lean operating model

Lowest SG&A and R&D expenses when compared to peers​

R&D capability focused on mining hardware reliability, racking solutions and other improvements

Experienced team of engineers and operators highly applicable to mining buildout


Quant algorithms for inventory management

With our patent-pending algorithms, we were able to optimize our inventory liquidation, maximizing profits by capturing Bitcoin's upside returns.
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